The bigges are used for storage and transportation of bulk materials in granular form, mineral fertilizers, building materials / cement, lime, sand, construction mixtures, paving, construction waste.

They are widely used for the packaging of food products – grain, sunflower, salt, sugar, pulses.

1. Carrying capacity of 500 kg – 2000 kg

2. Made of polypropylene fabric, sized according to
filling material and high load capacity

Colored on weft and main thread according to customer requirements
3. In some cases, depending on the material to be packed, it is necessary to put a PE pouch

PE pouch and sized according to the size of the big bag and the required load capacity
PE pouch is seamless or seamless
Thickness – from 0.05 mm to 0.12 mm
4.Print the big bites

One-sided or two-sided
Color rendering up to 6 colors