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Four-point containers (FIBC's) are the most common type of flexible polypropylene packaging. They offer a variety of top and bottom options, providing easy handling during use. They are extremely strong and durable because of the stable 4 point grip they offer.




Load Capacity

Main Specifications

Additional Specifications

Recommendations for use:

1. Follow the instructions for use on the safety label

2. Before filling, check that the bottom of the big bag is properly closed

3. After filling, close the top well

4. Use appropriate mechanisation and trained personnel

5. Ensure the stability of the big bag during transport

Prohibitions on use

1. Do not exceed the safety factor

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight or bad weather conditions

3. Do not mechanically damage the fabric during manipulation

4. Do not use big bags unsuitable for the material to be stored in them

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