Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags are used to pack bulk materials – mineral fertilizers, chemical products, all kinds of granulated products from the food and agriculture industry, and packaging and handling of building materials.
The types we offer are:

    1. PP bags – open, unusual
    2. PP bags – open, embossed or with only internal polyethylene bags
    3. PP bags – valve, with valve fitting, with PE or PP piece, according to customer requirements
    4. PP bags – valves with stitched and stitched inner polyethylene bags
    5. PP bags – laminated open
    6. PP bags – laminated, embroidered, with polyethylene bag in place
    7. PP bags – laminated, valve
    8. PP bags – laminated, valve, stuffed and stitched polyethylene bag
Dimensions Colors, fabric, PP bags
  • Width of 400 – 750 mm
  • Length from 400 to 1200 mm
  • Flat weight of tissue – 45g / m2 -120g / mm2
  • Млечно бели
  • Транспарентни /прозрачни/
  • Оцветени по вътъчна нишка, според изискванията на клиента
  • Оцветени по основна и вътъчна нишка, според изискванията на клиента
Package Print

On pallets

Up to 4 color printing